Pre-Friday Random Ten

I’m sure it has something to do with the economy, but I can’t remember a time when there were so few music acts of interest touring. On the other hand, despite the steep ticket price, this might be fun in a weird "I never thought I’d do this" kind of way. Maybe I should take my mom.


I Chose Horses – Mogwai
Darn That Dream – Mile Davis
The People’s Drug – John Wesley Harding
Happy – Mazzy Star
Embrace the Chaos – Ozomatli (who just played three sold-out shows here and I missed out on all three)
Tight Rope – Leon Russell
Summer – War
Love Radiates Around – The Roches (have I ever mentioned that Dancer With Bruised Knees is one of my all time favorite albums? And that it is by the McGarrigle Sisters and I goofed up mentioning it here. The point remains… he said Jonah Goldberg-like)
Ain’t That Peculiar – Marvin Gaye
Room Without A Window – Operation Ivy
and number eleven because that wouldn’t be unusual – Brain Damage – The Blake Babies

Just to emphasize my point about the dearth of entertainment options, the Belly Up is hosting Taylor Hicks for $35 a pop by which I suppose they mean that they’ll give you thirty-five dollars if you come to the show. If they throw in a blow job they might find some takers…

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