Palin Says PAC Can Help With Her Travel Plans

sarah_palin_1013774c.thumbnail.jpgJust because she has a PAC and her Naughty Monkey Double Dares sold for over two grand doesn’t mean she’ll be running for president, says Sarah Palin.

No, not at all, not at all, no. It’s helpful to have a PAC so that when I’m invited to things even like to speak at the Lincoln Day dinner in Fairbanks, to have a PAC pay for that instead of have the state pay for that because that could be considered quasi-political. 

See, poor little Sarah doesn’t have funds like other governors and wants to change that:

Other governors in the past they all had a fund to be able to travel for things like that. I do not. But now we’ll have an available source of funds so that we’re not coming close to any ethical line to be crossed in terms of travel or participation in events that will help Alaska but could be seen perhaps as not worthy of state funding.

Ethical lines like oh say $180,000 worth of clothing for you and and your family, including silk boxers for the First Dude?

Here’s why Alaska’s Frost Lady will be traveling  to DC this weekend:

Yeah, I’m going to meet with those who are making decisions for Alaska in the stimulus package, including … Mitch McConnell and others, having dinner with them. Advocating tough too for an exemption that Alaska needs in terms of timelines for some of these shovel-ready projects…Well we’re Alaska, and we need an exemption there so that we’re not left out in the cold in terms of some of the projects that will take a northern climate a longer period of time to make sure that we have our projects ready to go.

And she does manage to get a swipe in at other govs:

Look at what Arnold Schwarzenegger, for instance, is doing right now, he and (Pennsylvania Gov. Edward) Rendell and others who are traveling around the nation as proponents of their infrastructure package…We’re and I say this with all due respect, we’re a little bit more parochial here, which is good, it keeps you grounded. We want to make sure that our elected officials are serving the people who literally have elected them.

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