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Kucinich gets it right, federalize federal money

Kucinich once again has his finger on the pulse;

Here’s the problem with the fed;

As a private entity the "fed" can never be fed" (tee hee, I invented that)

The fed produces money for a premium or "fee", (the prime).

Since that fee is payed with the same money that it is produced there will obviously never be enough money to pay off that fee.

In other words, the economy must always grow otherwise the economy will collapse, this is known as a "ponzi scheme".;

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors out of the money paid by subsequent investors rather than from profit. The term, "Ponzi scheme," is used primarily in the United States, while other English-speaking countries do not distinguish colloquially between this scheme and other pyramid schemes.[1]

Ponzi schemes must collapse.

We know our government can still produce money, it still does, most people don’t know it but our coins are still produced by the U.S. government, not the fed.

I think that if the government produced our money instead of private industry, that same profit overhead, (the prime) can be directed as a tax revenue and lower tax load on both consumer and producer.

This is win win for everyone but those who own the fed, those who own the fed are operating outside government control, they produce money for loans to outside countries without our approval, they forgive loans without our approval and they print our money without our approval.

As Kucinich recommends, the fed must be certified

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