Blago Convicted, Despite His Blatherings At Hearing

(Update: added the actual vote video at the bottom) 

Finally he materializes after taking his case to the American people via talk shows. And what does Lightnin’ Rod Blagojevich have to say for himself before being unanimously bi-partisanly convicted?

You heard those four tapes, I dont have to tell you what they say. You guys are in politics, you know what we have to do to do go out and run and run elections…You can express things in a free country but those four tapes speak for themselves. Take those four tapes as they are, and you, I believe in fairness, you will recognize and acknowledge these are conversations relating to the things that  all of us in politics do in order to run campaigns and win elections.

He also wants to know how he can be thrown out of office and pleads to bring in witnesses.

Illin’ Noise then brings up how he gave health care to low income families and how John Warner, who "had been married to Liz Taylor" asked him, then a junior congressman, to get him a cup of coffee.  He brings up flu vaccines. And how he found a way to get senior citizens into Canada to get low cost drugs, an idea he says that Rahm Emanuel originally proposed.

There hasn’t been a single piece of information that proves any wrong doing you havent proved a crime..a crime has not been proven…No evidence, zero. 

He hopes out of conflict, issues are resolved and says

always the means were legal and the most cases end were moral.

Then he brings up his immigrant father and working mom, uses "ain’t" for folksy emphasis, discusses a hard working mom, and his impatience with legislative gridlock. He urges his fellow legislators to

Charge it to my heart.

And asks

 is the right precedent to set, to throw a governor twice elected by the people out of office without  proving any wrong doing?

And yes, he says "rush to judgment" and says if he actually believes he had done something he would have resigned in December. And he demands to bring in his witnesses, concluding with:

It’s not about me…it’s about the people of Illinois…It is painful. It is lonely…I didn’t do anything wrong.

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