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I wish people would quit calling the crooked financial institutions that claim to be banks, banks. A bank is depositor held pays them interest from loaning out the depositors money to otherers for interest to pay that interest and take a profit.
The crooks with the blessing of our Government are financial institutions stockholder owned and stockholder driven to make as big a buck as they can. Thus not caring for the investors only what they can get from them. They don’t care what their ways have caused and are bound and determined to continue the same ways. The stupid Government has proved they will save them and probably will buy out their troubled assets with our money so they are free to rip off the country again.
The Government although not all of the problem allowed all of it. The people who supported all this and bought into all of it are also to blame. Investing and depositing in these banks also allowed them to do what they did. No one was complaining about these so called banks or asking questions a very short time ago. They were being looked up at as the people who knew how to run the world. Even now we look at them as things we can’t do without and would do anything to save them. Will this country ever learn before it’s to late.

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