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How To Get Rid Of Rush Limbaugh/Don’t Feed The Troll

Folks from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have started a petition against Rush Limbaugh.

"Jobs, health care, our place in the world — the stakes for our nation are high and every American needs President Obama to succeed…Stand strong against Rush Limbaugh’s Attacks — sign our petition, telling Rush what you think of his attacks on President Obama."

Hey, that’s terrific. What circulating a petition against Limbaugh is going to do escapes me at the moment, since I’m almost one-hundred percent certain that the drug-sodden sack of flab doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what Democrats think about him. This petition is merely a group of people yelling at Limbaugh to shut up—the result of his latest mental belching in which he wishes failure for Obama. Considering his hatred of Obama since day one, why anyone should be surprised that Plush Lardbottom wants him to fail is surprising in and of itself. Hellooooo. Anyone remember the delightful strains of "Barack the Magic Negro" eminating from Rush’s show? Before it became a minor scandal within the RNC, Rush was playing that lovely little ditty on his show with some regularity. ‘Cuz he’s a satirist, you see. Uh huh.

Circulating petitions; yelling at the doofus; threatening his stations—none of that is going to get rid of the guy. Allow me, instead, to introduce you to Captain Charles Boycott, an estate agent for an absentee English landlord in 1880 in Ireland. Captain Boycott refused to lower rents for his tenants, despite their demands, and then had them evicted. To pay him back for his cruelty, Charles Parnell suggested to everyone in Boycott’s locality that they refuse to deal with him, rather than resorting to violence. Merchants stopped trading with the Captain. Mail wasn’t delivered. The farrier couldn’t seem to see his horse to shoe him. Food wasn’t delivered. No one showed up to harvest his crops. The result was that Captain Boycott eventually left Ireland with his family and returned to England. The Irish "boycott" had succeeded where violence would have failed.

Rush can deal with insults. He can deal with petitions. He laughs at these things. It’s free publicity. What he can’t deal with is being ignored. Or "boycotted". Someone suggested to me that I get a list of his sponsors and boycott them, but then I would have to listen to his show, and I don’t need that much nausea in my life. So, what I suggest to America (The America that uses both sides of its brain) is that we all just collectively ignore the guy. If he says something stupid, news organizations should pretend they didn’t hear it. No one should mention anything he says on his show. If he makes speeches and has a brain vomit, no one should quote his latest spew in the media. If someone brings him up in conversation, politely change the subject.

Anyone who has ever been in a chat room knows that you don’t feed the troll. If everyone puts Rush Limbaugh on Ignore, he will eventually go away. His ratings will drop. His employers will realize his multi-million dollar salary could be used for better purposes. He will vanish into the past, just like Captain Charles Boycott. The only difference is, Rush will just vanish without leaving a legacy. At least Captain Boycott left us with a non-violent means to rid ourselves of human garbage.

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