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Hi Amanda! Can You ‘Splain Something To Me?

amanda-carpenter.thumbnail.jpgHi Amanda,

We’ve become what I’d consider "friendly acquaintances" on the DC talking heads circuit, cleverly paired as the "liberal blonde/conservative  brunette" split-screen.  Though I have to say, I can’t quite match your success, having never yet been invited on O’Reilly to discuss animal bloopers. Well, we all need something to aspire to.

Anyway, we both seem to be writing about the Employee Free Choice Act these days, and I have a question about your column today:

The bill, largely recognized as a “payback” to Big Labor for their work electing Democrats during the past two election cycles, would give labor a leg-up over employers by wiping out requirements for a secret ballot election to organize workplaces in favor of a public signature (called “card-check”). (my emphasis)

Maybe you can help me out here. I’ve read the text of the bill (which we’ve handily reprinted here) and I can’t quite find that part.  The way I read the Employee Free Choice Act, workers would have the right to organize themselves by "signed valid authorizations," which would not affect their right to also have an "election by secret ballot" under the National Labor Relations Act (which you can find here).  Neither mentions anything about "public signature" or "card-check."

What am I missing?

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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