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Hey, Have You Heard the One about Joan Walsh and Dick Armey?

So a guy walks into a bar:

 ARMEY:  Politics is silly, it’s inane and practitioners of politics are people to take  what amusement you can from them but don’t take them seriously.

WALSH:  But this is serious business.  This is serious business, the economy is a wreck, and it’s been wrecked by the Bush White House….

ARMEY:  It is!

WALSH:  … and by Republicans in Congress with a lot of Democratic help, with a lot of help.  And now President Obama…

ARMEY:  Oh give it, give it a rest.

WALSH:  Please stop saying give it a rest, do you have anything else to say?

ARMEY:  Well, yeah…

WALSH  President Obama has a mandate for change, your people have stood in his way, they’re standing in his way on Capitol Hill right now…

ARMEY:  Oh bless my heart.

WALSH:  …and Rush limbaugh is making ridiculous statements and Republicans are crawling to him and groveling…

ARMEY:  Okay, all right…

WALSH:   That’s the state of our economy and our world right now Representative Armey, and it’s sad.

ARMEY:  i am so damn glad that you can never be my wife, cause I surely wouldn’t have to listen to that prattle from you every day. That is what I’m talking about.  

WALSH:  Well, boy, that makes two of us sir. 

MATTHEWS:  That’s not prattle.

ARMEY:  She’s making political malarkey….

WALSH:  That was really an outstanding comment. 

MATTHEWS:  It’s not prattle.

ARMEY:  The fact of the matter is, look, y-look, ylook ma’am.  Ah you can…ah…y-y-y-you’re m… you’re talking like a paid political hack here, making your political points.

WALSH:  Am I sir?

ARMEY:  Are we going to talk seriously about…..

WALSH:  No I actually care about social justice,  I care about jobs, I care about the economy.

I guess watching the GOP forced to kiss Rush Limbaugh’s pilonidal cyst made him feel a bit un-manly, especially after his own sad history as Dick Cheney’s bitch.  Why he felt the need to reassert his masculinity by publicly losing his mind on TV I can’t say, but I imagine having America watch Joan Walsh’s boot go up his ass wasn’t what he had in mind.  

He looks drunk on more than just ambition.

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Jane Hamsher

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