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blogroll amnesty day! is here again!

this year our partner in this endeavor, jon swift, will join us in celebrating this blogtopian-wide holiday all next weekend beginning on saturday.

update: we will officially start on saturday, jan. 31. the original blogroll amnesty day is february 2, but we’re calling for a four-day weekend! huzzah!

as you may remember, the modus operandus of blogroll amnesty day is to link to 5 blogs smaller than your own, thus introducing your readers to new voices.

and may we stop all the stupid jokes right here, right now: yes, there are blogs smaller than yours, no matter who you are.

mas update: ok, so we can’t even stop the jokes before they start. ergo, we will ammend the parameters: if you really don’t believe there are blogs smaller than yours, then in lieu of making the stupid joke that there aren’t any, ha ha, please link to five blogs with traffic equivalent to yours (or in the same ball park). as long as they represent new voices (new to your readers, at least), you will have satisfied the requirement. just please don’t do the stupid joke!!

uno mas update: we also request that, in your post linking to five other blogs, you also link back to skippy’s official saturday b.a.d. opening festivities post, which, in all truth, will probably be posted and available sometime friday nite, over @ skippy.

and, if you send us a link to your post, we’ll make sure to blog about it @ skippy!

email us for the code for the logos! three five sizes, no waiting!

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