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NC: man allegedly pepper sprayed, tased, baton-whacked, before being shot and killed by police

And what else was left in the arsenal of the Dallas, NC police department to use? In this case, the family says that Terrance Kennedy was trying to run from the police, who were attempting to arrest him on an assault warrant. After that, the stories from the man’s family, bystanders, and the police diverge. With stories all over the map, finding out what really occurred will be challenging, to say the least.

A Dallas, N.C., man who police say tried to grab an officer’s gun was fatally shot Saturday in the small town about 20 miles west of Charlotte.

But witnesses, including one of the dead man’s family members, told the Observer’s news partner, WCNC, that they believe the police officers acted inappropriately.

Investigators said Kennedy got into a fight with the police officers and tried to grab one of their guns before he was shot. Police haven’t said which officer’s gun they believe Kennedy went for or which officer fired the fatal shot.

…Kennedy’s family members – and others who said they were outside the home at the time – said Kennedy first tried to run from the officers.

Some of the bystanders, who were still outside the home Saturday afternoon, said officers first used pepper spray on Kennedy, then used an electronic stun gun. Some told WCNC they saw an officer hit Kennedy with a police baton before he was shot.

…Police in the town of about 3,700 would not confirm the family’s account Saturday, saying that only Chief G.W. Buckner could speak about the matter. The chief didn’t return calls to his office phone Saturday.

The family has contacted the president of the Gaston County NAACP, Clyde Walker, who said his office will file a complaint with the Dallas Police Dept. and the NAACP national office.

“We’re not going to make any accusations against the police department,” said Clyde Walker. “We’re not going to be rioting. We want to do this thing in a civil matter.”

Hat tip, Tasered While Black.

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