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The case against impulsive twittering:


Rush Limbaugh should replace Kristol on the NYT editorial page. We need a heartland conservative who will shock the el ite’s sensibilities. about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck


Because nothing says "heartland conservative" like a serial-divorcee sex tourist junkie who makes $38 million a year and lives in a $24 million mansion. Salt of the earth…the common clay.

I, for one, am glad that conservatives  are grasping new technologies with both hands allowing them to get their thoughts into the mainstream at the speed of stupid.

On his blog, which represents the next wave of conservative…well, something, Ruffini explains:

We shouldn’t play this game. Either we engage the liberal media on our terms or on none at all. The Times needs someone who is as far to the right, in as hard-edged and partisan a way, as Paul Krugman is to the left. The fact that strident left-wing voices one step voice up from Kos appear on the op-ed page is not considered a problem, so why shouldn’t the same be true on the right? Perhaps it would be better if both sides’ columnists were as reasonable and fair-minded as Brooks and Kristol. But if the Times continues to select liberal columnists who are locked and loaded for bear, we should accept nothing less for the right. To wit, the Times should pick Rush Limbaugh or a comparable full spectrum heartland conservative who defended Palin. Someone who would shock the Upper East Side, not reinforce its worldview in subtle ways. If not Rush, then Steyn or Lileks or someone with the intestinal fortitude for a fight.

Yes. Please pick someone  who defended Palin. That worked out so well for Bill Kristol and John McCain.

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