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Governor Paterson, Say ‘Hello’ to Governor Cuomo.

Oh, god, anything but this!

From the New York Daily News:

Gov. Paterson’s decision to go nuclear on Caroline Kennedy was a hatchet job run by a pricey out-of-state consultant who specializes in political scandals, disgruntled administration sources said.

Judy Smith, a Washington-based PR guru and former Bush White House deputy press secretary, orchestrated the ill-conceived character attack on Kennedy, sources said Sunday.

Looks like Ms. Smith is an old hand at dealing with tawdry matters — besides selling her soul to the Bush administration, her client roster has included  "Monica Lewinsky, the family of murdered Washington intern Chandra Levy, Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, who is battling corruption charges, and scandal-scarred former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry."

THIS is who you got to advise you on smacking down Bloomberg/Kennedy, Governor?  Oh, bravo, sir, bravo. But, hey, thanks for cracking the 2010 gubenatorial race wide open with your political ineptitude.  Maybe we can even look forward to another Rudy-and-Judi Giuliani campaign.  It’s just what New York needs . . .  because 9/11 will never be enough.

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