A very belated Happy New  Year to all. It's been quite a while since I posted here. I need to be a more regular contributor and will attempt to carry this out.

I believe that 2009 is a pivotal year for transgender people. We have gotten people's attention. Now it's time for us to share our own stories. I have found forums in which I can share what it is to be transgender and a crossdresser. Possibly next month I will share something with my bible study group. I would dearly love to go onto college campuses and speak to students.

Last year I decided that I couldn't sit idly by while trangender people are ridiculed unjustly. Lies and misinformation contribute to the public's misconception about us. A large percentage of transgender deaths are women of color. I have become an activist though I never intended to. I needed to because one transgender death is one too many. I have been reading and writing much about various topics  related to transgender people. Crossdressing is a large part of my identity  and I do everything to present CDs in a positive lght.

There's much inside of me I desire to share but I can't in just one blog. I will do so periodically here.