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Earlier today I pointed out a blog post by "Dr.  Sanity" that was, to put it nicely, nonsensical. I didn’t even get into the whole "liberals would rather abort a baby than kill a brown foreigner" thing. Instead I concentrated on her Escher-esque musings on abortion and freedom and, in particular, this passage:

Wherever anyone stands today on the issue of Abortion, there is no doubt that the court’s intervention in this issue has–even with time–failed to heal; and the deep divisions that resulted from their decision still fester. I happen to believe that any decision about one’s body is a personal one that should not have anything to do with the federal government–in other words, I do not believe in a "right" to an abortion on demand. I believe that people –both men and women –need to take responsibility for the actions of their bodies; and this is clearly a high priority. Forcing abortion down the throats of those deeply offended by it was–and remains–a terrible mistake in a free country.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I had to read it about, oh, twenty times because I thought my smug coastal elitist mind was unable to grasp the nuance. And so I turned to Mrs TBogg for her opinion and, after careful consideration,  she concluded "That doesn’t make any fucking sense." which is kind of what I thought except I don’t talk dirty like her.  But then it occurred to me that she’s also a smug coastal elitist and I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere so I went and  had lunch instead.

Later that afternoon….

Checking back with the good doctor I discovered that several of my ‘minions’  (Demonic Conservative Ridicule Minions™ Local 666) had taken it upon themselves to TP DR. Sanity’s blog and she was not amused:

As usual, the moronic trolls from tbog over at firedogpuddle (they aren’t deep enough to make a ‘lake’) completely miss the point. bargal20 is confused. He/She thinks her ‘right’ to an abortion trumps my right not to have to pay for it if I am morally opposed to abortion. If you bother to read the post, you will find that I don’t oppose a the sacred "woman’s right to choose’ –BUT NOT WITH MY MONEY. She can fund it herself. Having the federal government spend my bucks on it is unacceptable if I don’t happen to think killing a fetus is the thing to do because I couldn’t be bothered with taking responsibility for my own body. Leaving it to states and localities to decide would not be shoving what many feel to be immoral down their throats (and, for the record, this is the same reason I oppose the military draft and support an all-voluntary military). As for "idiotdancer"–ad hominem attacks don’t really address the issue, do they dear? And for your information, I have an M.D. with board certification in psychiatry; a MS in Biochemistry and an MS in biomedical engineering. But I could be a high school drop out and still be a mental giant compared to you content.gif

Hey. Hey. Hey! Nobody calls my minions "moronic". I prefer Snark Spawn of the Sarcastic Realm or the more endearing, "Oh, you kids!". So just like an Alaskan Snowbilly Mama Bear on a meth binge I spoke up for my Spawnlettes in that droll and whimsical way that I have:

"As usual, the moronic trolls from tbog over at firedogpuddle (they aren’t deep enough to make a ‘lake’) completely miss the point."

Where in your post did you talk about government funded abortions?

You didn’t. Nice try. Fail.

At this point, anyone who was aware of all Internet Traditions would have responded in one of the following ways:

  • "Apparently I was unclear so let me set the record straight: I don’t favor abortions, I don’t think that state should pay for them, and that "freedom" thing is kind of a slippery slope that blah blah blah…."
  • "I don’t want to get lost in the weeds on abortion policy because I’m on my way to catch a plane to give the commencement speech at the Cedar Rapids Clown College but here are a bunch of other people (with accompanying links) who know some stuff about this stuff." (this is the Jonah Goldberg Escape Pod Directive)
  • "I was drunk. Fuck you guys. Oh Jesus– Captain Morgan, Jägermeister and apple juice? What the hell was I thinking. Omigawd! Whose underwear am I wearing? Why am I on a ship? ‘Thug Life‘? I have a thug life tattoo?"

But instead, I received this:

I’m sorry, but I can’t think of a single reason that I should listen to either of you morons. I stand by what I wrote, which I think is clear to even the dimmest bulbs (obviously excluding the left turning bulbs). Have a nice life and don’t come back.

and this:

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added

I guess she showed me.

Now come to me my little minions and I will tell you how we will infest Big Hollywood with curse words and sarcasm that they will not understand…

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