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Making the LDS leadership stand by its word.

Utahns march for gays rights, 'Common Ground'

According to the Salt Lake Tribune:

About 300 people braved driving rain to take part in Saturday's march on the Utah Capitol, a peaceful event marking possibly the most expansive legislative push for gay rights in state history. The event was timed to coincide with Monday's start of the 2009 legislative session in which lawmakers will take up a bundle of bills collectively known as the Common Ground Initiative.

These five bills would make it illegal to fire an employee or evict a tenant for being gay or transgender, provide wider rights for inheritance and health insurance and give same-sex partners the ability to sue in cases of wrongful death, among other things.

"The era of discrimination, fear, hatred and prejudice is coming to an end, said openly gay Unitarian Church Reverend Sean Dennison, addressing the crowd. "I would like to see Utah take the surprising step and lead the way."

Backed by a coalition of 30 gay activist and human rights groups, the bills have been carefully crafted to avoid the loaded topic of gay marriage and to fit with statements issued by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the aftermath of Proposition 8 banning gay same-sex unions. Though steadfastly opposed to same-sex unions, the LDS Church has clarified it does not object to granting certain rights to same-sex couples.

We shall see if they were telling the truth or not. The LDS leadership used lies in it’s efforts of pass H8

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