In a bizarre post pointing out that liberals are obsessed with abortion (and  she proves it by linking to an anti-abortion rally on the National Mall. Go figure. ) Dr. "Sanity" writes:

Wherever anyone stands today on the issue of Abortion, there is no doubt that the court’s intervention in this issue has–even with time–failed to heal; and the deep divisions that resulted from their decision still fester. I happen to believe that any decision about one’s body is a personal one that should not have anything to do with the federal government–in other words, I do not believe in a "right" to an abortion on demand. I believe that people –both men and women –need to take responsibility for the actions of their bodies; and this is clearly a high priority. Forcing abortion down the throats of those deeply offended by it was–and remains–a terrible mistake in a free country. I believe that there would have been cultural and social accommodations to personal choice in this matter (particularly in state and local law) but the possibility of that kind of compromise was utterly destroyed by judicial fiat.

Nevertheless, Roe vs. Wade became the template; the benchmark; the litmus test from which all those on the left responded to issues in the Women’s movement. Even women who disagreed with this decision–and other related moral issues– were loudly ridiculed, demeaned and falsely labelled "outside the mainstream." Today we have the disgusting spectacle of the left and the Democrats denigrating and insulting with impunity accomplished women like Sarah Palin, simply because she has chosen to keep a child that the left believes should have been aborted. More than anything else, this behavior on their part is symbolic of how the abortion issue has deadened America’s soul about issues of life, individual choice and responsibility.

A great deal of leftist energy is invested in watchdogging, maintaining, protecting, and promoting the abortion agenda as the lynchpin of Women’s Rights. To them, it would be the end of the world as we know it if something should happen to take this sublime victory away. Anyone who disagrees is "taking women back to the dark ages." They are obsessed because they cannot understand that Freedom means being free to agree or disagree with them.

I  just… I mean… what the fuck? So freedom "means being free to agree or disagree with them" unless you’re talking about Sarah Palin or deciding to have an abortion about which the government shouldn’t be involved in but you shouldn’t have one anyway because you need to take personal responsibility for your own bad self and, besides, having an abortion forces abortion down the throats of people who aren’t having an abortion and that is certainly not freedom as viewed by some moralizing loon who thinks a "decision about one’s body is a personal one" unless you’re having an abortion so just cut it out with the freedom, okay?

Do they give out degrees in psychology in Cracker Jack boxes?

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