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McAuliffe Opponent Brian Moran Hires Joe Trippi

Proving that he takes Terry McAuliffe’s awesome fundraising capability seriously, just-retired Assembly Delegate Brian Moran hired Joe Trippi to manage his media for his gubernatorial bid in Virginia this year.

Trippi is perhaps best known for his work running the 2004 presidential campaign of then-little-known Howard Dean, who leveraged the emergence of the Internet into a serious campaign and fundraising tool. Trippi brings some heft to Moran’s run — and his name is so big in national circles that the announcement is already triggering some speculation on the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Trippi announced the move on the Daily Kos Web site, which is a nice bit of publicity right off the bat. Moran, of course, is running against McAuliffe and Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, for the Democratic nomination. 

Trippi visited FDL for a Book Salon last month, to chat about The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, The Internet And The Overthrow Of Everything.

Here’s what Joe Trippi had to say at Daily Kos about Brian Moran’s campaign:

I know how important this campaign will be. We cannot go back to the way politics was. Like Obama, Brian Moran embraces a politics powered by the people, empowering supporters, not relying on millions of high-dollar donations and the status-quo party establishment.

And we need a candidate who understands Virginia, a leader who has lived in Virginia, a man that doesn’t just search for political opportunity, but has been there in the trenches fighting for working families. Brian has spent two decades fighting for people – working to raise the minimum wage, expand healthcare for every child, and raise teacher salaries.

That’s why I’m supporting Brian Moran. He grew up in a struggling middle-class family and took his first job at 14. He worked construction, gas station attendant and bar tender to put himself through college and law school.

I’ve known Brian for a long time. Over his two decades in public service, he has fought for Virginia jobs, to reduce crime, expand transportation, and improve education. He is a visionary, a leader that isn’t afraid to take bold stands and fight entrenched power. He is a leader devoted to a change agenda – of remaking our economy, embracing new energy solutions, and reforming our institutions.

He’s already announced the boldest environmental plans of any candidate by doubling his opponent’s commitment to renewable energy and he’s the only candidate to oppose offshore drilling.

I’m joining an amazing team: Veteran Mark Warner and Jim Webb Campaign Manager, Steve Jarding, is the general consultant. Mame Reiley, Mark Warner’s former Political Director, Chairs Moran’s campaign. And we work with Jerome Armstrong as new media consultant.

 Meantime, as Brian Moran assembles a nationally recognized staff, Terry hoovered up cash at a Fifth Avenue fundraiser in Manhattan this week:

The fundraiser will be held at the home of Hassan Nemazee, a multimillionaire investment banker. Nemazee is chairman of Nemazee Capital. Last year, Nemazee was a co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s fundraising effort for her presidential campaign.

The McAuliffe fundraiser is also being hosted by Marc and Cathy Lasry and Douglas and Lily Band, according to an invitation. Marc Lasry is founder and senior managing director of Avenue Capital Group. In 2007, Forbes Magazine ranked Lasry as the 317th wealthiest person in America, estimating he has a net worth $1.5 billion. When Chelsea Clinton graduated from Oxford, Lasry’s company gave her a job.


The invitation does not specify the asking price for getting into the fundraiser.

Virginia has no limits on personal or corporate campaign contributions.

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