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Lies in the name of Jeebus find new home on Facebook

Just what I wanted to wake up to at 4 a.m., an email from king of the Christianist nutjobs, Don Wildmon, announcing that AFA has arrived on Facebook:

I have joined Facebook. Please join me on Facebook and become a friend of AFA

….ed. note: how about I just crap down your throat, and we call it even?


January 23, 2009

Dear David,

Every day new technologies are emerging on the Internet. For several years now Internet “social networking” has been the preferred choice of many for keeping in touch with friends and family. From Yahoo! 360 to MySpace to Facebook, people of all ages are enjoying quick, easy, and inexpensive ways of communicating with others near and far. And best of all it's FREE!

I have joined Facebook. I hope you will join, too, and become a friend of AFA. Facebook allows users to send and receive emails, add comments, post photos and videos, share links, and join groups or causes. You can also learn about the people you meet or would like to meet. And you can network with like-minded people concerned about America's moral decline. Once signed up, you can invite your family and friends to visit or join your homepage. You can also search the entire Facebook site to see if relatives, friends, acquaintances, and classmates are already members. Facebook is informative, fun, and easy to use. There simply is no reason not to join!

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