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Have a GOOD VOCABULARY? Test it out…and help children!!

…there is a site where you can play a vocabulary game..and for every right answer you give someone will make a donation to give free vaccinations to the needy children of the world

You can just donate too of course, but the game is fun and challenging!  I cheated with Dictionary some, but learned, new ones that way!

“This is a  website which donates funds for life-saving vaccines to impoverished children. People can challenge their vocabulary skills playing a game while at the same time help children in desperate need. Each year 5 Million children die needlessly in impoverished countries before they reach their 5th birthday.  

Help us put a stop to this senseless misery!!!  You can play the game or donate. Please take a small amout of time each day and help.

Just a few helpful tips.

– If your having a hard time on a level or find it to easy you can change them on the right lower corner.

-You can pick medical terms or english terms if you want to try something new.

I play a few rounds every day…it is fun!  LETS See how much BLENDERS like their words…and the world’s children.

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