Palin’s Dirty Laundry Still Sitting Around RNC Offices

3021297307_69ff508839_o.thumbnail.jpgSarah Palin’s $180K campaign wardrobe is languishing in trashbags at RNC headquarters. And the Republican National Committee remains mum on the status of their dud’s duds.

In October McCain-Palin spokesperson Tracey Schmitt explained the status of Gov. GILF’s new clothes, some of which were purchased for her props  family members.

A third was returned post-convention Many of the remaining clothes have never been worn.

Schmitt also said:

It was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purpose after the campaign.

And in an interview days later on NBC’s Meet the Press, John McCain implied some clothes were returned and backed up the charitable concept:

Look, she lives a frugal life. She and her family are not wealthy. She and her family were thrust into this, and there was some–and some third of that money is given back, the rest will be donated to charity.

But so far that hasn’t happened according to New Majority which quotes a Republican fundraiser:

Has the party not learned their lesson? First they make a colossal mistake of judgment by even agreeing to squander the party’s resources on these clothes and then compound the error by failing to properly dispose of them. If they think donors are going to sit by and simply accept this they are mistaken.

 Modi Frank–who runs Giving Engine, which manages auctions for non-profits and schools using eBay as a platform–has successfully auctioned off high-profile memorabilia and celebrity wardrobes including items worn by rock stars Eddie Vedder and Anthony Kiedis. She has some words of advice for the RNC and for potential buyers:

Using an auction management company via eBay is a great way to raise funds for charities, it increases visibility and profits. And it would be ideal if the proceeds went to a well deserving charity. However, in this economy, there may be wiser investments, and you have to wonder if the Palin items will hold their value. 

Frank adds that it all depends on how a major auction is managed in order maximize interest and online participation. And with many who might want to simply own a piece of odd history, rather than an investment, the  results could certainly provide charities with a nice sum. However, says Frank:

What is important is who the beneficiary is.

Maybe the RNC should wait until Sarah’s book is published, in the hopes of a tie-in with a huge donation that could whitewash Palin’s image. Or maybe they’re hoping the  dirty laundry will just become water under the bridge.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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