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NY Senate: It’s Like a “Columbo” Episode


Just one more thing. . .

Today in Albany, New York Governor David Paterson is assembling all the suspects–I mean contenders–for the open senate seat recently vacated by Hillary Clinton. Like an episode of the old Columbo detective series, or a novel featuring Hercule Poirot, he will likely discuss his thought process about each one before finally revealing the murderer. . . er, um. . . senator.

One of the funniest aspects to this whole thing is how many times Andrea Mitchell has gotten the same story wrong. The other day, she was reporting that it was Caroline Kennedy, which seemed odd to me because Paterson had just given interviews saying he was concerned about the future senator’s knowledge of economics–not something Kennedy was known for.

Of course, Kennedy then withdrew.

Then Mitchell scooped the world by saying she knew it would be Representative Kristen Gillibrand because Gillibrand had been summoned to Albany–except so had Caroline Maloney. And, later last night, Keith Olbermann reported that ALL the contenders had been summoned to Albany for the denouement.

Now, Long Island Congresswoman and gun control activist Caroline McCarthy has announced that if Paterson picks Gillibrand–famously in the pocket of the NRA–McCarthy will primary her. So, that basically guarantees an all-out, NY State Democratic Party-fracturing food fight if Paterson goes with Gillibrand.

BTW, for those of you from out of state, not everyone in New York is named Caroline. It just seems that way.

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