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Mommy — Barack’s Not Playing Nice! Bush Staffers Gripe About Inaugural Speech

Lots of people liked President Barak Obama’s Inaugural Address – George Bush’s team members, however, were not any of them:

Bush Staffers Criticize Obama Speech

Karen Hughes, a longtime Bush confidante, said in an interview.

He really missed an opportunity to be as big as the occasion was and, frankly, as gracious as President Bush was as he left office.

Dan Bartlett, another top adviser, used similar language.

It was a missed opportunity to bring some of the president’s loyal supporters into the fold

Marc A. Thiessen, the chief White House speechwriter until this week, added:

It was an ungracious inaugural. It was pretty clear he was taking shots.

What I’d like to know is this: Where is it written that the newly sworn in President, on his Inauguration Day, has to call for a big ‘high five’ for the outgoing guy? Where is it written that this person has to praise his predecessor?

How CAN this particular new leader call for praise for his predecessor…when he was elected because the vast majority of the people in the country feel that this man was our political version of a drunken rock band in a crappy motel? "..Some analysts said it was the first time since Franklin D. Roosevelt took over from Herbert Hoover in 1933 that an incoming president used his Inaugural Address to so evidently repudiate his predecessor as he headed for the door. When Mr. Bush took office in 2001, he called for "personal responsibility" and lauded "private character" in his Inaugural Address, which struck many as a slap at Bill Clinton, but the speech as a whole was not seen as a wholesale denouncement of the departing president…. Karl Rove wrote in The Wall Street Journal that as his former boss departed, "in a last angry frenzy his critics again distorted his record, maligned his character and repeated untruths about his years in the Oval Office." Mr. Rove said Mr. Bush had cut taxes, expanded Medicare, improved schools, liberated Iraq and protected the country. "He didn’t get everything right — no president does — but he got the most important things right," Mr. Rove wrote.” Karl, if you think the only things that Americans care about are the Medicare Rx program, tax cuts for the rich, a school program that has hamstrung school districts all over the country that YOU thought was the greatest thing since sliced white bread, and a magical failure of terrorist groups to land a strike on US soil, then you’ve been locked in a sanitized room for the past eight years. Moreover, you and the other senior people who served Bush and Cheney have not served the American People well – as a matter of fact, you served us extremely poorly, enabling a historic level of trashing the country, eviscerating the Constitution, and leaving a mess that will take decades to repair. But you think you have a right to gripe because Obama did not ask for a big round of applause for George and Dick. Because he did not praise them – except he DID. He thanked Bush for his service to the country, and given what happened over the past 8 years, George Bush is extremely lucky that this is what he got. Obama did not call him and Cheney ‘war-mongering quasi-fascist thugs’ or "a racist and jingoistic malevolent jerk" – two descriptors which frankly can be put at the doorsteps of multiple members of the administration. HE didn’t use the word ‘traitor’ in his speech (which is something that Bush and Cheney both did numerous times after 9/11 when describing people who did not agree with THEM). These folks do NOT have any position to complain – but we knew they’d end up being a bunch of weeny whiners, didn’t we? And I think we can all expect to hear more and more of these lies and pieces of stupidity in the months to come.

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