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Mixed-race transgender person sues Appleton nightclub

No Or Both Gender Male Female Restroom Sign - Gender Neutral Restroom Bathroom SignFrom the Green Bay Press Gazette (Wisconsin):

APPLETON – A mixed-race transgender person has filed a civil suit against a downtown nightclub, claiming it discriminated against her on the basis of race and sexual orientation.

The suit on behalf of Sierra D. Broussard, 28, of Appleton, was filed Tuesday in Outagamie County court by Appleton attorney Eric Pitsch.

…[Broussard] said she was twice denied entrance to Park Central, 318 W. College Ave., because of her race and her transgender status.

It appears from the whole article that what she’s claiming is that she’s being denied entrance because she is a member of multiple minority groups — that it’s because she’s of mixed ethniticity and because she’s transgener.

Oh, and it’s always the bathroom that comes up when we’re talking about discrimination against trans people, isn’t it? …

A club manager told The Post-Crescent newspaper this summer, however, that the bars do not discriminate against gays or lesbians, but cannot accommodate Broussard because allowing her to use either the men’s or women’s restroom is a safety issue.

I forgot trans people are all supposed to wear depends when out in public.



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