Even in these hopey-changey times a hard rain is still gonna fall and we can only hope that an Executive Order is in the works to preempt the rumored Creed reunion. We’ve suffered enough for the past eight years for this shit to start coming down now. Therefore Scott Stapp joins us as our PFR10 poster boy for the foreseeable future or until President Obamalicious decides that maybe Gitmo could still be used to incarcerate "a certain someone" (wink wink).

I mean, it’s not like the ACLU is going to protest; even they have limits.

As for the R10+1:

Winter A Go-Go – Yo La Tengo

Safety – Beth Orton

What Light – Wilco

Dracula – Medeski, Martin & Wood

Sightsee M.C.! – Big Audio Dynamite

Trigger Cut/Wounded Kite At :17 – Pavement

Zip City – Drive-By Truckers

Lake Michigan – Rogue Wave

Rainy Night In Georgia – Brook Benton

I’m In Love With A German Film Star – The Passions

and one for the new prez: Full Moon – The Black Ghosts.

Oh, nice….

One more thing: Thanks! to Nancy in Ephrata for the Wesley Stace book (I became interested in Stace after finding out he is John Wesley Harding) and the Charlie Huston book… because John Scalzi recommended it which is good enough for me.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....