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Howie Kurtz Says Breaktime’s Over

For those of you still wondering why so many of us lefty bloggers hate the media in general, and Howie Kurtz in particular, this one sentence from Howie’s Media Notes column pretty much says it all:

If journalists don’t start holding the 44th president accountable — in the same way the left wanted us to hold George W. Bush accountable — we will have defaulted on our mission.

Shorter Howie: Failure to apply a double standard would be a gross dereliction of duty.

I especially like the admission that he and the rest of the media completely blew off progressive criticism over the last eight years… but now is the time to buckle down and do some serious digging.

Look, I’m not opposed to investigative journalism that holds government accountable, I’m just frustrated when it’s only in vogue during Democratic administrations. Worse yet, it usually goes beyond investigative journalism and veers headlong into sensationalistic tabloid journalism. All I ask is that the media report mountains as mountains, and molehills as molehills.

Of course, as long as the media and their parent corporations are owned by Republicans, and operated by Republicans, and benefit financially from Republican government, I’m not going to hold my breath. Look for a lot more Wright, Ayers, Blago, and Rezko stories over the next four years, as well as "exploring" the Obama angle of any Illinois corruption scandal that might crop up. I can hardly wait.

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