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Franken-Coleman Update, 01/22/08: Norm’s New Job

franken-coleman-court.thumbnail.jpgBeen following the liveblog at The UpTake, and here’s the latest: 

Al Franken’s Motion to Dismiss Norm Coleman’s contest just wound up being denied by the Election Contest Court.  That was expected – the only real surprise is that it took so long. 

Meanwhile, Norm Coleman’s request to have all the ballots moved to St. Paul for yet another recount has also been denied.   Norm’s summary judgment motion comes before the court tomorrow; if that gets denied, as is expected, the contest trial starts on Monday. 

And Franken voters whose votes didn’t get counted are trying to get the state to pay the costs of their lawsuit to get their votes counted, as they don’t think they should have to sue to be able to exercise their franchise.

But here’s the Question of the Day:  If Norm Coleman really thought he was getting his old Senate seat back, why would he be taking a job with the Republican Jewish Coalition?

Just wondering, y’know.

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