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CA: fundies in arms over San Francisco's decision to tax Catholic Church

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A San Francisco assessor has called for the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco to hand over $15 million in taxes because of an internal restructuring of the archdiocese, a move that some are describing as “retaliation” for the Church’s opposition to Proposition 8.

…Many are decrying the move as retaliation for the church’s support of California’s same-sex “marriage” ban, as pro-homosexual “marriage” San Francisco residents and politicians have made no secret of their ire at the Catholic Church and other religious groups for supporting Proposition 8.

This is fishy at the least and evil at the most,” Randy Thomasson of California’s Campaign for Children and Families told  “Phil Ting is doing to the Catholic Church what has not been done in other venues, taking away the Church’s tax-exempt status in regards to property.”

Thomasson said that Ting, “who went head to head with the Catholic church over marriage between a man and a woman … is aiming his rifles … right at the Catholic Church, and this is something that a higher court should be more just in its analysis.”

The call to tax the Catholic and Mormon churches, which helped propel Prop 8 fundraising and campaigning, became a mantra of same-sex “marriage” supporters ever since the amendment passed in November.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding