Now I’m Back With The Camp

Foreign Policy magazine’s website hosts an interesting blog with GOP foreign-policy luminaries and Bush administration veterans called Shadow Government, which bills itself as featuring "notes from the loyal opposition." It’s a good blog, filled with often-insightful critiques of the emerging Obama foreign policy from the right, as well as intellectually honest reconsiderations of the Bush administration. What’s further interesting is that there’s now an adviser to Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) contributing.

Yesterday, Vance Serchuk, a foreign policy adviser to Lieberman, contributed his first post to the blog, a thoughtful meditation about the future of U.S. European policy. Serchuk, a former researcher for the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute and someone whom I’ve expressed my respect for, describes himself  on Shadow Government as "in almost any imaginable respect the odd man out on this blog," listing himself as an employee of "a Democratic member of Congress," though you have to click through to his bio to learn that Lieberman is his boss. He’ll be blogging in a nonofficial capacity, but it’s still a little odd that someone who works for Lieberman — last seen expressing support for President Obama’s foreign-policy team — would align himself publicly with a blog designed to provide opposition to the new administration, even if it’s loyal and constructive opposition.

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Spencer Ackerman

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