Sucks at the day job, sucks worse at night


In some ways it’s a shame that David Wiley Miller acquired the rights to call his cartoon strip Non Sequitur beating Chris Muir to the punch. By any other name Muir’s cartooning and inane dialogue would still suck the same but, at the very least, a warning of "Non Sequitur ahead" would explain  what was to follow. Whacking Material would have also been a suitable choice.

Having recently joined the Big Hollywood Clown Car of Duh Muir shows he’s no No Trick Pony by painting with words:

I must confess to enjoying this election cycle; wherein Democrats (a party whose platform is unabashedly liberal) have jettisoned the bothersome linearity of doing what one says in favor of saying what one does to a degree that makes the stiff segues to falsehoods by politicians past seem positively glacial. This distinction between theory and application seems, these days, to be minimal and without risk. Perhaps it saves them energy, not actually doing what they say. Very Green of them, very Kyoto-ish.

And yet, their promises hang on awkwardly out there in the Internet, in Google Caches of Shame, forever contradicting their (lack of) action. You would expect some embarrassment on their part; you would be wrong. Blagojevich and his hair is out there jogging with a smile (have you ever seen a jogger smiling?) and when confronted with a media question that actually isn’t rhetorical, Hillary goes into her I-see-into-the-back-of-your-skull® look. And Reid, poor fellow, twists the English language into merely horrific shapes to explain himself.

Compared to Muir, Harry Reid is a novice when it comes to twisting the English language (or the human body) into something unrecognizable.

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