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Bush: “Good Boy Scouts Leave Their Camp Better Than They Found It”

For a guy who supposedly doesn’t care about being popular, this is getting pathetic.

No doubt, the former Commander Guy was certainly down after the humiliations of yesterday. After getting booed by his fellow citizens (has that ever happened?), he had to sit there and take it as Obama read his party and administration the riot act. In addition to the ideological recriminations, phrases like "pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off" (from the Bush wreckage) and "our winter of hardship" (caused by Bush) and "restore the vital trust between a people and their government" (broken by Bush) must’ve sounded like nails on a chalkboard to W.

Maybe that explains why he ended his last day in office with yet another glowing assessment of his own performance.

“I’m coming home with my head held high and a sense of accomplishment,” he told a crowd of several thousand that jammed Centennial Plaza. 

Really. Why not just say, "It’s great to be home" or "I’m proud to have served my country"? Isn’t it, uh, a little presumptuous of him to be determining whether or not he’s accomplished anything, especially given the towering shitpile he’s left in his wake?

Let’s look at what Bush told Rick Perry after Perry succeeded him as Governor of Texas.

Tuesday, the man elevated into the job as governor when Bush became president recalled how Bush urged him to keep the state in good shape for his return.

“He looked me in the eye before he left and said, ‘Perry, I want you to be a good Boy Scout. And Boy Scouts leave their camp better than they found it,” Perry said. “

It’d be nice if Bush applied the Boy Scout standard to himself and STFU about his awesome accomplishments.

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