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An Amazing Day! Now What?

An Amazing Day! Now What?

We hit the floor this morning at 6:00am. (Oh I forgot; we are sleeping on the floor in our friend’s small apartment.) Not to watch the inauguration over coffee, but to take Thomas back to the “HOMELESS” clinic for more test and more this and more of that. Quite naturally we had mixed emotions around the whole affair. Today, in our current situation all of this talk about “INCLUSION” feels to us like nothing more than an “ILLUSION”. But somehow we continue to work through it. (FAITH)
We have NEVER missed the opportunity to exercise our right to vote, so naturally we were interested in how the inauguration went. We listened on the car radio. There were many moments that felt really good to us, there is no way to explain with mere words what it means to me to live to see the descendants of slaves move into the house that slaves actually built. To see these same descendants take control of the administration of the country that was built for free on the backs of their ancestors. Yet I am still left cautiously optimistic.
Two words were used constantly throughout the campaign: “HOPE” and “CHANGE”.
There are some things I hope will change very soon.

I HOPE that very soon I will be able to walk into any black community and buy fresh vegetables and fruit faster than I can buy crack and beer.

I HOPE that very soon people of color and WOMEN will be paid the same rate of pay and not a third less than their white/male peers.

I HOPE that very soon we will create an environment where women will not have to consider aborting their children.

I HOPE that one day soon we will create an environment where men will not want walk away from their responsibilities as “Fathers”.

I HOPE that very soon immigrants who come here to build a better life are no longer exploited, paid pennies on the dollar compared to U.S. citizens, forced to live 30 to 40 in one house only to be used then tracked down and deported.

I HOPE that very soon we stop attacking consenting adults about who they choose to love.

I HOPE that very soon I will no longer be expected to accept 2nd best to what I have applied for. Offered unfair credit terms no matter what my credit score is, with no consideration about my education or job status or potential.

I HOPE that very soon I will not get a job only because the company was offered a tax cut.

I HOPE that very soon I will no longer be the LAST one hired and FIRST one fired, that the industries where my people work are no longer the first to be dismantled and shipped off for the greed of a few.

I HOPE that very soon when I have to call the police I am no longer treated like a suspect first, that my children, my brothers and my fathers are no longer profiled, shot down like animals or beaten like unruly slaves.

I HOPE that very soon this country will consider all children as a serious investment for future of our country.

I HOPE that very soon when I walk into a store I’m no longer followed around by security when I only came to spend my money.

I HOPE that very soon I will witness a sincere and effective effort to educate poor children, giving them the tools, resources and encouragement necessary to change their lives and communities.

I HOPE that very soon parents who choose to stay home and raise their children will be celebrated and rewarded for doing so.

I HOPE that very soon I will live to see the efforts of “The Community Organizer” awarded. That when they can no longer give of themselves there will be a holistic safety net in place for them because of their service to others.

I HOPE that very soon I will no longer hear about people with no healthcare, no way to pay for medicine, sick people bankrupted, losing their homes, everything they have worked for and sometimes their lives.

I HOPE that one day soon I will see our elderly citizen given the respect and care that they deserve to live their lives out with dignity.

I HOPE that one day very soon we will witness proper care and respect for our men and women of the armed forces. That they will only be asked to lay down their lives for just causes and once they do they will receive all of benefits necessary to bring them and their families back to the dream that was promised to them.

I HOPE very soon the common man will be assisted in a bailout just as quickly as our government has given our money to the foolish corporations.

I HOPE that one day very soon there will be basic human rights afforded to EVERY man woman and child, that no longer will anyone have to go without a home of their own, good healthy food, world class health care, meaningful/gainful employment, and adequate rest and leisure time. And that denying anyone of any of the aforementioned will be considered a crime against humanity punishable by jail time and community service.

I HOPE that very soon we as people will become more respectful towards the spiritual/religious belief systems of others.

I HOPE that I personally will never have to join “GROUP THINK”, silence my voice or hide my feelings in order to have good friends, peace and happiness.

I sincerely pray that our government will no longer follow the lead of evil corporations who lie to us about the safety of the products we use, the water we drink and that they will cease to participate in experimental programs using her citizens as guinea pigs.

Now that I think of it, I am very hopeful. I am grateful for what we do have; I just know we can do better.

I am willing to roll up my sleeves and do my part to make it happen. While I work, I pray that “We the People” will have the heart to change ourselves, then I BELIEVE WE CAN CHANGE our country and our world for the better.
We can bring “Liberty and Justice for All” back to the forefront of our creed.

Instead of fighting with one another and telling each other how to think and feel, try listening to people, try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes for a mile or two. Try living the example (Modeling). Try to imagine the unimaginable.


Imagine what we CAN do!

Written by a Proud American Citizen:
Sistah Nedra aka WoodStockGranny on 01/20/09

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