Souvenir of the day

I’ve taken a screenshot of as it appeared on January 12th 2009. The screen shot is in both PDF and graphic form. The graphic Is available free for the taking from the Gorilla’s Guides Flickr site in a variety of sizes

JPG file Available sizes:


PDF file

The PDF works with Adobe Reader 8.1. It should work with earlier versions too. The filesize is as follows:

1.28 MB (1,343,488 bytes)

I don’t want to load our bandwidth with a file that size so to get the PDF fie you have to ask. Leave a comment asking for the PDF on this posting  on Gorilla’s Guides:

with a valid email address and one of us will send you the PDF from our gmail email account.

There’s no catch.

We WON’T publish the comment.

We WON’t mail you again.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will your email address be shared with anyone.


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