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“A Much Better Party Than a Republican Party”

ew3.jpgI went to several parties last night–and missed a very popular MI party that attracted long lines down the street. But there was one party that was, clearly, the place to be.

I saw honorary FDL member Dan Froomkin, while waiting in line. I saw David Gregory, walking like a peacock with three ladies in tow. But Rachel Maddow attracted the real attention–and she is even more impressive in person than she is on teevee. There were congresspeople, big media types, movie and rock stars, and a pretty sizable group of bloggers, all packed into the Newseum together.

And over it all, hovered our gracious hostess: blogger, Arianna Huffington. 

The party to be at last night was the HuffPost Ball.

When Arianna spoke to thank everyone for coming, incidentally, we overheard two young TradMed types, asking who she was.

But the best line of the night came when a friend went over to Alex Castellanos–Republican pundit and former Mitt Romney staffer–to take this picture.  "You have to admit," said the friend to Castellanos. "This is a way better party than a Republican party. And you’ve really got to admit, this is WAY better than a Mormon party." And yes, Castellanos agreed.

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