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Poor Sarah Palin. The Living Embodiment of “Always a Bridesmaid”…

For those of us obsessed with the Boreal Narcissus (and even those who aren’t), it doesn’t get any more schadenfreudelicious than this:

Sarah Palin is NOT going to be thrilled with this.

The woman who edged out the former veep candidate for the title of Miss Alaska 1984 is slotted to perform at not one, but two inaugural balls in Washington, D.C.

Maryline Blackburn, who eventually traded in her tiara for a career as a professional singer, plans to celebrate Barack Obama’s ascension to the presidency with gigs at swanky bashes hosted by star musicians Ludacris and Dionne Warwick.

Meanwhile Palin is back in Alaska battling a state deficit.

Oh, dear, that pesky deficit she ran up finally caught her in a leg-hold trap.  Guess she forgot all about it while she was charging those fancy panties for her husband at Victoria’s Secret and calling other people trash.

Well, since she was openly uninvited from the festivities, maybe Palin can content herself by purchasing one of these plates as a cherished memento of the truly historic event?  She can charge the cost to Alaska.

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