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Libby Talks to the Hand

Specifically, this hand

Specifically, this hand

Loyalty for Bush has always been a one way street, as Libby found out today:

In a move that has keenly disappointed some of his strongest conservative allies, President Bush has decided not to pardon Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, for his 2007 conviction in the CIA leak case, two White House officials said Monday…

… But the decision not to pardon Libby stunned some longtime Bush backers who had been quietly making the case for the former vice presidential aide in recent weeks. A number of Libby’s allies had raised the issue with White House officials, arguing that as a loyal aide who played a key role in shaping Bush’s foreign policy during the president’s first term, including the decision to invade Iraq, Libby deserved to have the stain of his felony conviction erased from the record.

Read that as "loyal aide who lied to protect his superiors".  But anyone who ever thought Bush was in it for anyone but himself, or even was able to conceive of other people as anything more than objects to be used and discarded once they were no longer valuable, deserves what he gets.

(h/t to Eli for the title)

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