They just can’t help themselves


Shrill racist hatemonger Michelle Malkin indulges in a little codespeak:

I respect the historic tradition of inauguration day, not the cult of personality driving the schlock festivities now taking place.

Pomp and circumstance have been replaced with pimp and self-aggrandizement

Nowhere in her "pimp and self-aggrandizement" link could I find any reason to use the word "pimp", but then this kind of crap comes as easily to the little rage-puppet’s mouth as taking a breath. After spending the past eight Republican years in a bitter hateful froth, even though she got almost everything she wanted (endless war against brown people, spying on citizens, the destruction of the social safety net,  racism’s return to being fashionable), I’m not sure she has the anger management skills to handle Democratic control of the government. One day she’s just going to explode leaving only a little greasy smear on the ground and a whiff of sulfur.

You can only let off so much steam doing drive-by screams at Taco Bell…

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