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Franken-Coleman Update, 01/18/09: Take It Away, Sara!

Speak of the angel and she appears!  TPM commenter Sara — who is also an FDL reader and commenter — has stepped forward once again and offers some more analysis that is worlds better than anything I’ve seen in the mainstream press.  I really should turn this sucker over to her, but I don’t know if she’s willing to do regular updates.

As is her way, Sara points out a few things about this situation that I’ve never seen mentioned anywhere else:

Of additional interest, the special court has agreed to deal with the petitions of those voters who were notified they were “wrongly discarded Absentee Voters” — most of them are represented by a Franken Attorney — in the main case in the upcoming hearings. I frankly don’t know how to count these ballots — some of them come through the Franken Campaign itself as they contacted voters on this list back in November and early December, and others just went ahead with independent petitions. There are over a hundred of them, could be 160, could be about 100. They are all out of the batch that were ruled wrongly discarded on review by county election officials, but were not accepted by both campaigns during the mandated Supreme Court Process during the recount.

My guess is most of these are Franken votes — so if they are accepted, good god, well the margin might move up to over 300!!!

 Thanks again, Sara.

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