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Egypt Tells Israel “You Lost”

hamas-symbol.thumbnail.jpgWell, well, well… (h/t Sic Semper Tyrannis):

Mubarak also said Egypt would call for an international meeting to discuss post-war reconstruction in the Palestinian coastal enclave.

He said his country would not agree to the presence of foreign observers on its soil to monitor the border with Gaza… 

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said earlier in the day Egypt was not committed to a U.S.-Israeli deal, signed on Friday, to halt arms smuggling into Gaza."  Reuters

That’s a loss condition for Israel.  If Hamas can rearm, well, Israel didn’t accomplish its goals in the war.  The US’s cooperation is all very nice, but most equipment comes in through tunnels from Egypt.

As Sean-Paul over at the Agonist notes, it’s looking a lot like Israel is losing its second war in a row, after failing to win against Hezbollah.  Feeling their reputation was at risk they turned around, found the weakest kid in the neighborhood, and still couldn’t beat them down.  Oops.

Meanwhile, although Hamas’s leadership said they’d stop firing missiles, the missiles have kept firing.  Why?  Well, at a guess "Hamas’s leadership" is a lot less powerful than it used to be since the Israelis assassinated most of it.  And the security forces who used to make sure that missiles didn’t get fired if Hamas’s Leadership didn’t want them to be fired, well they were the first and main target of Israel’s strikes.  It’s almost as if Israel wanted to make sure that Hamas’s leadership couldn’t control their military wing.

But, personally, I don’t believe that. 

I just think that the war was done for internal political reasons, since without it the current leadership would lose the next election, and that personal political considerations, and the strategic incompetence of the Israeli elites ruled the day.  

If Israel wants to turn this around, they better find out what Egypt’s price is to allow foreigners to stop weapon smuggling, because without that their victory is a loss, and they might be forced to, instead of declaring a unilateral truce and victory, actually negotiate with Palestine’s elected governing party, Hamas.

Or perhaps they will decide that the way to peace is to not negotiate with your enemy.

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Ian Welsh

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