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We Have Gone Green with Solar Power

Now that we have gone online with the Solar System for a month now we were anticipating our power bill. I was so surprised to open the bill today and I nearly fell to the floor with the results. WE had a credit for the billing period with nothing due!

I had anticipated a reduction but this is just amazing, of course it is a 10.8 KWH system. This time last year we had a $500.00+ electric bill. So as you can see it sure does payoff to go Solar with as large as a system as you can afford!

We used SolarCity for our vendor and as it is a turnkey installation all we had to do was sign on the dotted line. SolarCity did all the rest from design, permits, construction to the final inspections and the day we turned the system on they were there all the way.

Here is are the final batch of pictures of the installation.Here are all the previous post on going Solar:

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In Summary I came to SolarCity by doing my research on the Internet and it finally came down to SolarCity because they offered a program that didn’t require any out of pocket money up front and they had many good reviews, which I continue to see both on their site and in the local newspapers. We have a 15 year lease with options to buy it out after 6 years through the 15th year when we can either opt to have it removed free of charge. Or we can request that the system be upgraded to the newest technology and start a new lease. One other advantage is that if we decide to sell our home the lease and the whole system is fully transferable to the buyer!

So in summary I would highly recommend SolarCity and or going Solar from whom ever you choose to be your vendor as the pay back is well worth it!

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