Inaugural Event Coverage Kinda Sucks–Networks Bought Exclusive Rights

broken-televisionthumbnail1.thumbnail.gifDon’t have digital cable? You won’t be able to see the opening ceremony featuring Bishop Robinson, Bon Mary J Blige, et al. which is airing exlcusively on HBO which is still trying to get their digital cable partners to air it in all markets. Well, okay it will also be streaming on but that makes it a little hard for the famiy to gather around the laptop….

ABC will be airing commercials  (oh the sacrilege) during the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball, the first of 10 official balls; that ball expected to be Obama’s first official speech of the evening and the Obamas’ first dance as president and first lady. ABC has the exclusive rights to that ball.

At the Inaugural balls, press is restricted to the regular pool, plus a lucky few (FDL has scored some access). But don’t dispair, the Presidential Inaugural Committee will have three live bloggers providing controlled behind the scenes stories.

Tuesday MTV will be broadcasting exclusively from the Youth Ball which features Kanye West Kid Rock and Fall Out Boy (who donated to No on 8!), while  Disney has the exclusive rights to the We Are the Future Ball with Miley Cyrus headlining.

Isn’t "exclusive" the opposite of "inclusive" which has become the mantra of this new administration?

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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