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Carl Rove is collecting farewell emails at gwbfarewell@gmail.com which he promises to deliver to Bush on January 20. My little missive follows:

Thanks, George, for shredding the constitution, torture,
putting the economy in the crapper and your many other

Thanks George for Brownie, Gonzo, Libby, Cheney, Rove and a
spectacular assortment of incompetent and idiotic partisan

Thanks George for politicizing every agency of government.
How’s that “permanent Republican majority” working out for

Thanks George for being such a good Christian. Abstinence
only sure worked out well.

Thanks George for Iraq. Through selective observation you
shaped the intelligence that you now blame for invading
Iraq and killing hundreds of thousands of people (including
US personnel) for no reason whatsoever.

Thanks George for being such a stand-up guy. You have yet
to accept accountability or responsibility for any of your
misadventures, blunders, misguided partisanship or just
sheer stupidity.

One bit of advice, George. Be careful when you travel. Most
of the world considers you a war criminal. I suspect that
the Hague’s holding cells might not provide the amenities that you
are accustomed to. No chili dogs for starters.




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