I am not exactly sure what all I need to do to get this on the front page, but this is from a study reported at 365gay.com.

It documents the experiences of over 2,000 LGBT middle and high school students of color who were African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, and multiracial.

The study found that across all groups, sexual orientation and gender expression were the most common reasons LGBT students of color reported feeling unsafe in school.More than four out of five students within each racial/ethnic group, reported verbal harassment in school because of sexual orientation; about two-thirds reported harassment because of gender expression.

At least a third of each group reported physical violence in school because of sexual orientation. More than half of African American, Latino, Asian and multiracial students also reported verbal harassment in school based on their race or ethnicity. Native American students were less likely than other students to report experiencing racially motivated verbal harassment.

About a quarter of African American/Black and Asian/Pacific Islander students had missed class or days of school in the past month because they felt unsafe. Latino, Native American, and multiracial students were even more likely to be absent for for safety reasons – about a third or more skipped class at least once or missed at least one day of school in the past month for safety reasons.