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My friend recently posted this photo on her blog. It was taken by her in downtown San Diego on New Year's Eve. Let us hope for – and work towards – a new year and new Presidential administration in which these injustices will no longer be denied or brushed aside.

 From Tamandra of Heart Dog Studios:

I came across this little family downtown San Diego, and felt compelled to take a few photos of them. There’s a lot of homeless down there, but in these times, there’s getting to be more, and more diverse. These folks really captured my heart. The baby was so oblivious, happy to chew on their hand-written sign and play. The little boy was so sweet, and the young mother’s little inkling of a smile showed she had some hope left, and wasn’t completely down for the count.

They’ve been haunting me. She came from South Carolina I believe she said, and was booted from a homeless shelter after the 30 day stay was up. This was New Year’s Eve on the Gaslamp. I was broke myself, but wondered how maybe I could find a way to use these shots to help them. So if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I’m going to try and find them again. I want to hear this mother’s story. I felt too awkward to pry at the time, not having anything to give, and taking the photographs. Though she didn’t mind.

I find it ironic they were sitting under a real estate services sign. Being a super busy place New Year’s Eve there, hopefully they did OK for the night. I sure hope I find them.



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