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CNN Resurrects the Demons

This morning CNN broached the topic of universal health care by breathing life into that paragon of evil, Dr. used-to-be-Senator-of-the-Nuclear-Option Bill Frist to tell us that it just wasn’t possible: it would cost $120 billion a year and we just don’t have $120 billion. But we have trillions to hand to corporations from which you profit handsomely? And trillions more for wars of choice? Fuck you, former Senator, just fuck you!

CNN promised that they’d have former Senator Fred Thompson on later, presumably to spew more talking points of America’s demon gang.

Pre-Bush, CNN had these scumbags front and center on an almost daily basis uttering their version of sorry-but-fuck-the-poor-we-need-more, now that the Democrats are poised to take power we are going to see more of the same.

Why is it we seldom, if ever, see a progressive or hear anyone argue for progressive values/policies on CNN?

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