RedState Strike Force.
They’re our men.
If they can’t do it.
Well, actually, nobody will be too surprised.


Having recently failed in their inaugural mission, Erick Erickson the Grand Leper Designator & Dispenser of Novelty Crockery  at RedState lowers the bar to the ground, puts the training wheels back on, pins a note to their chests in case they get lost and then assigns the RedState Strike Force & Mostly Hetero Glee Club something that they can’t fuck up.

We’ve had several missions for the RedState Army of Activists. You probably haven’t noticed as we’ve primarily directed them to individual states.

This should be one for an individual state, but we need to take this nationwide.

Meet Kent Williams. He is allegedly a Republican in Tennessee. The GOP took the State House in Tennessee and rallied to one of their own to be Speaker.

Williams had other plans. He made a deal with the Democrats, betrayed the Republicans, and got himself elected Speaker. He then put a Democrat in the number two spot.

On opening day of the legislature the outgoing Democrat Speaker of the House stood behind Williams whispering directions in his ears.

It’s clear he’s a weak mind and will be putty in the hands of the Democrats.

Here’s the assignment:

Kent Williams address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx TN 37643.

Go here and send Kent Williams some silly putty.* Let’s put in his hands a pretty accurate representation of what he is.

Oh, snap! Kent Williams is so Redstatestrikeforce pnwed. Torches and pitchforks would have been over the top and flaming bags of poo on the porch would have been too scatalogical so this strikes a nice balance somewhere between giggly sophomoric and respectable lameness.

When you follow the link to order the Silly Putty, you’ll notice that it goes through the Red State Amazon page which means that Eric and The Directors gets a percentage of the sales. Of course, at $1.45 a Silly Putty egg, it won’t add up to much, making this the most pathetic Red State Fundraiser ever.

Until the next one.

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