Freedom to Marry has just released a study (pdf) of the reelection success of state legislators who opposed anti-gay measures.  THEY ALL GOT REELECTED, REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION.  The pattern holds true whether the vote was pro-marriage equality (MA, CA, CT, NY) or in opposition to anti-gay amendments:

In the 17 different state legislatures that have voted on an anti-gay constitutional amendment since 2005, none of the 670 legislators who voted against discrimination lost because of their stand when they next faced voters.  The states involved were: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virgina and Wisconsin.

The study examined elections starting in 2005.

Many legislators understandably fear that they won’t get reelected or be elected to higher offices if they stand for equality.  The study shows that that fear is misplaced, that they “have nothing to fear but fear itself”.  Cross-posted at Blue Mass Group.

Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer


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