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Hillary Confirmation Hearings Open Thread


I was sending so many comments via email, I figured I ought to invite all of you to join in. Go to CSPAN for your viewing fun. See also Hillary’s responses to questions posed by Committee members. 

You’ve already missed the real amusement, though. Kerry, trying to be chummy, welcomed Hillary’s friend and family: basically just Chelsea and Chuck Schumer (notice who was missing). He invited Chelsea to join the Senators on the dais, saying, "since your dad was an intern with this Committee, maybe we can make you an intern for a day."

Um, Kerry? Intern? Clinton? Nuh uh.

Though, as I pointed out, when the Senate hold confirmations hearings for one of their own, it’s really more of a mutual blow job than anything else. (You can see why I’m inviting you all to participate). Lots of heavy petting, back and forth, even from the Republicans.

Bob Corker basically said that Hillary’s not a good manager, because she’s not a former general like Colin Powell.

Feingold up now, actually doing his job.

Boxer could not have been more loving. 

Voinovich is cranky about management too. What’s up here? The best Republicans could think of was going after Hillary for her bad management??? Also note, Voiny suggested he’d be off this committee (it only lost one Republican this year–Chuck Hagel–so may need to shed another given the Republicans’ losses). Interesting. 

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