currently being planned. I saw the appeal for funds and I contributed, then emailed my offer to work to help Paul Preston secure long term funding for SoapBlox. It turned out that he lived 12 Blocks from me in Denver.  I work as a fund raiser at my day job.  I met with Paul Friday night to talk over several ideas to assure funding is made available to improve the capabilities of the system. The funds raised through BlogPac will cover the immediate costs to upgrade the server systems that host the blogs and maintain the viability of SoapBlox.

Paul created SoapBlox to use for blogging himself. Search for pacified on Daily Kos if you want to verify that Paul is serious about blogging.  He has a the skills, talent and passion to make it work long-term and grow and improve the features that the blog managers want. (Paul also manages several blogs himself)

In the last three days he has reached out to many people who offered to help and is working with us to succeed in providing Progressive Bloggers with a platform that allows them to do what they do best Blog while he works to improve the platform.

Several other Programmers will work with Paul to ease the “Paul hit by a bus” concerns. SoapBlox generates approx 1/4 the income to sustain it as an ongoing venture from fees alone. Growth in number of users will some day sustain the entity, but until that Soap Blox funding will be provided by BlogPac and the generosity of us…The progressive community.

If this election taught us anything, “yes we can” is more than a slogan. If you have contributed to the fund raising drive already, Thank you!! If you can contribute Please consider a one-time or monthly contribution today:

Via BlogPac at:

Or go to and contribute directly to SoapBlox via pay pal.

If you have questions contact me at randy80302 at