Lottery Funds Clinic Aiding Sex Abuse Victims, Winner is Convicted Sex Offender

lottery1.thumbnail.jpgAnd people say there are no Gods. Well, something a very weird sense of humor and justice. Alsaka’s first ever statewide lottery which benefitted a nonprofit that aids victims of sexual abuse paid out $500,000 Friday night to a three-time sex-offender.

Alec Ahsoak, 53 was convicted of two counts of sexual abuse of a minor in 1993, and once again in 2000, according to the state’s sex offender registry, and first reported by Alaska TV station KTUU. The station also scored the first interview with Ahsoak outside the Lucky Times pull tab parlor where the lucky ticket had been purchased. Lucky Times had paired up with Standing Together Against Rape to sponsor the lottery.

The Anchorage Daily News reports that Saturday afternoon the KTUU news crew went down to Lucky Tabs to shoot a story, only to find the  storefront closed. KTUU anchor Jill Burke says:

As we were there, a man flagged us down and said, ‘Hey, I think I’m the winner.’

Later the station received email alerting them to Ahsoak’s crimes. He says he has since turned his life around, has been in treatment for the past year and wants to use part of his winnings to help others.

Lucky Tabs owner Abe Spicola told the Anchorage Daily News:

He said he was going to buy a house and said he was going to donate part of it to God, and you know charity

Spicola explained that

he called Ahsoak when he heard about his "checkered past" and said that if he was going to donate to a charity, he should consider STAR.

In that phone conversation, Ahsoak talked about donating $50,000 to STAR, then upped the number to $100,000.

After taxes, Ahsaok will receive $350,000. Alaska state laws require that lotteries only benefit charities and must get at least 10% of what’s left after the prize is paid. Tickets cost $5 and approximately 150,000 were sold. Ahsoak’s gift will definitely be welcome, comments STAR board member, former Anchorage state Rep. Eric Croft:

I think what it highlights is how prevalent this crime is. And we don’t mind taking money from anybody to help victims of sexual assault, and we hope that he’ll follow through on his commitment to give some of it back.

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