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Yahoo News Gives Bush the Boot

I just saw the most interesting thing on the Yahoo News site. Here’s a partial screen grab:

Yahoo News snip Jan 10 2009

Here is the story from the headline. The boot photo did not come up when I clicked on the story. I also couldn’t find the boot photo when I quickly skimmed through the linked slideshow.

Who at Yahoo News is giving Bush the boot? I think the boot is aimed at George W. Bush, since the story is about George W. Bush headlining the dedication of the aircraft carrier named for his father, George H.W. Bush. It also, of course, is a reminder of the shoe-throwing incident in Baghdad. The story will be edited soon, since the headline is not grammatical, so I thought I would preserve it for all to see.

There is one other possibility than someone at Yahoo doing this. Was Yahoo hacked?

Update: The photo now has been changed, but the headline is still ungrammatical:

Revised Yahoo

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